L. W. Butler Gun and Rifle Makers

L W Butler Gun & Rifle makers

The L W B Butler team (and Paddy the lab)

Established in 2007, L. W. Butler Gunmakers have a growing reputation as one of the finest gunmakers in the country, with a diverse variety of clients from all over the world and all walks of life.

We understand that a great deal of trust is placed in us as gunmakers, many firearms represent years of history or family heritage, and you need craftsmen that understand and recognise this unique responsibility.

Together, our team has decades of experience working alongside some of the world’s most prestigious names in gunmaking. By combining our knowledge of traditional gun and rifle making with modern methods, we can ensure that cherished heirlooms continue to live on and that new aspirations can be fulfilled. Our goal is to provide you sport and enjoyment for many years to come.

Our most experienced gun and rifle makers always work alongside our most talented and promising apprentices. An approach that reflects our core value:

“It’s only through investment in our craft today, that we can protect the history of fine guns and gunmaking, and continue to produce the prized heirlooms of tomorrow”.

Blending Experience with Potential

English Gunmaker L. W. Butler at work

Lee Butler at work on the bench

Lee Butler has over thirty years experience in the gun trade and started his career by serving an apprenticeship in the famous Gun Quarter of Birmingham, under the world-renowned gun and rifle maker Westley Richards. He then spent a further ten years developing his skills and specialisation in action mechanisms, in particular; lock work, ejector work, single trigger mechanisms and jointing.

In his final years at Westley Richards, Lee was a key contributor to the development of their bolt-action rifles. He’s now renowned throughout the trade for his experience and knowledge of actions and bespoke English and European guns.

In 1998 Lee was approached by E J Churchill gunmakers to set up their new workshop in Buckinghamshire. At the time, E J Churchill were looking to revive the once famous manufacturer’s name with a new range of best quality handmade English guns.

Lee served as foreman of the workshop for 11 years, overseeing the development and day-to-day build activities of the new guns. As a result, the relationship with E J Churchill remains strong to this day, and Lee continues to operate from a base within the West Wycombe estate

World-renowned quality

L.W. Butler Gunmakers - English Stalking Rifle

An example of L.W. Butler Gunmakers fine work

L. W. Butler have worked hard to establish a global reputation as one of the most highly regarded gunmakers in the UK, and the exquisite rifles we build can rival any of the world’s best manufacturers.

We offer a comprehensive range of repair and restoration services for fine bespoke English and European guns, and our skilled team are able to cover all the best London names (Purdey, Boss, Holland & Holland), as well as the finest European makers (Luciano Bosis, Beretta, Perazzi).

The Next Generation

LWB team Member

LWB Team Member

Since establishing the workshop L. W. Butler has remained committed to the future of gunmaking by investing in the development of the next generation of gunmakers. We have an exciting young team that are developing and growing their skills in line with the values of the company.

It is this blend of experience and potential that places L. W. Butler Gunmakers in a strong position to deliver the service and quality you demand for your firearms.

The next generation of English Gunmakers.

LWB Team Member