Building a new Shotgun LeeButlerAug15-LORD4906_050 Building a new shotgun

Craftsmanship, quality and values

To see the team at L. W . Butler at work would be to see work characterised by the highest levels of craftsmanship, quality and exhibiting our core values throughout, it is due to this mixture that means we can provide you with the finest of finished products.

Traditional Values with Modern Methods

At L. W. Butler our values underpin everything we do; quality, craftsmanship, attention to detail and most of all a customer-focused approach are paramount. However, just because we hold firm to a traditional set of values doesn’t mean we’re unable to move with the times, rather our ability to combine traditional skills and decades of knowledge with modern methods, tools and materials is makes our work special.

L. W. Butler Gunmakers are consistently developing and expands their capabilities to keep pace with the evolving demands of our customers and from the sport that we are passionate about.  Most of all we exhibit flexibility, adaptability and a willingness to explore new products, processes and materials that as a result means we deliver the best results and provide an extensive range of solutions for our clients.  By continuing to invest in technology, and helping to nurture the next generation of craftsmen, we aim to help the gun trade thrive for generations to come.

In a world that’s often lacking that personal touch, it’s our values that set us apart from the mass market and and as a result means we give our customers not just a wonderful product, but an exceptional experience.

“We find that combining traditional values with more modern methods and approaches gives the customer the best possible outcome”. – Lee Butler.

Our work speaks for itself, explore some examples of the bespoke rifles and guns we have made for customers, each of them unique to that customer’s exact requirements, with a combination of traditional skills, utilising modern methods, materials and tools to deliver a truly world class product.


L. W. Butler at Work

Modern methods & processes combined with traditional values