Service & Repairs

Imagine the worst. You’re in field on the best peg on the busiest drive of the day with birds flying high and fast, you pull the trigger… and nothing. You curse the gun, then you curse yourself for not having it serviced in a long time.

With our combined expertise and decades of experience we can provide preventative servicing work as well as a wide range of repairs reducing the risk of spoiling your next day in field. We cover all manner of repair and servicing work, from preventative maintenance with a strip, clean and service before the season starts, to making or replacing a main spring for a vintage Best London gun.

We specialise in the repair and servicing of Best London and vintage English shotguns. We also have extensive experience of European and international manufacturers.

Whatever your issue, our team at L. W. Butler can provide you with a resolution – and always to the very highest standards of quality and workmanship.

Shotgun service and repair options include:

  • Strip, clean and service (ideal preventative maintenance pre or post-season)
  • Replacement pins, screws and springs
  • Firing malfunctions, firing pins, single trigger and lock regulating
  • Ejector malfunctions and timing
  • Barrel work – re-blacking, re-laying of ribs, re-engraving, dents raised
  • Choke adjustments
  • Action tightening, re-jointing and tightening
  • Stock repairs

Rifle service and repair options include:

  • Strip, clean and service
  • Scope fitting & zero
  • Barrel threading
  • Barrel floating
  • Action bedding
  • Trigger replacement and regulation
  • Fitting sound moderators


There’s often that one shotgun or rifle that’s been in the family for generations and has a special place in the gun cabinet, but the sad thing is, it’s usually seen better days and doesn’t get the use it once did. That’s where we can help.

Our restoration services can bring that prized gun back to life, so it’s as good as (if not better) than the day it first left the workshop.

Restoration options include:

  • Restocking and balancing, stock setting
  • Refinishing and chequering
  • Barrel boring, blacking and re-proofing
  • Action renovation, re-engraving, lacquering, rust removal, furniture re-blue

Contact us today to book a service, repair or restoration appointment, or discuss any requirements you may have.