Stock Work

There is an art to producing the perfect stock. A beautiful piece of walnut that’s expertly shaped, detailed and finished is as tactile and aesthetic as it is functional. To achieve this level of quality takes a great deal of skill, experience and touch. Our stock work can rival the best established gunmakers.

Using traditional skills, we undertake a wide range of stock work, from new custom-made stocks, to full re-stocking, and basic alterations to more complex adjustments and restoration.

A pair of Old English sidelocks, a trio of Boss over-and-under, bolt action or double rifles – even a custom-made left-handed stock. Whatever your gun, whatever your requirements, our skill and minute attention to detail means you’ll never be disappointed with the results.

Using the traditional skills involved in cutting, shaping, carving and fitting the wood to the action L. W. Butler can produce the finest custom fitted stocks to the highest quality of finish.

There is a surprising level of intricate carving behind the metal work. It’s a skill in itself to cut, shape and carve in three dimensions so the workings and moving parts of the gun’s internal mechanism sit tightly and securely within the wood

From selecting the finest walnut blanks (or you can supply your own), through to shaping the stock, heading the action and applying a beautiful London Oil Finish L. W. Butler can cover the full range

Stock services we offer:

  • New custom-made stocks
  • Re-stocking– from measurements or by matching to an existing stock
  • Re-checkering
  • Re-balancing
  • Repairing cracked stocks
  • Stock dimension adjustments – cast, length of pull, bend or drop
  • Fitting of comb raisers – fixed or adjustable
  • Quality stock extension in either wood or ebonite
  • Fitting of recoil pads – useful for small changes in length, with either modern products such as KICK-EEZ® pads or Pachmayr® to more traditional Silver’s pads (pads can also be leather covered)
  • Enhancements – metal pistol caps, gold/silver ovals

Gun fittings

The value of a correctly fitted shotgun should never be underestimated. In order to shoot accurately, consistently and instinctively, the gun and its user need to work together as one harmonious unit.

We offer a complete range of gun fitting services, from a standard workshop fit (ideal for making smaller adjustments to off-the-shelf guns), to a full fitting that’s carried out at a shooting ground using a try-gun (or a gun you require fitting), pattern plates and an expert to observe your technique. A full fitting is the best way to obtain the most accurate set of measurements and requirements, and achieve the perfect fit for a new-build gun.

Whether we’re restoring an old gun to its former glory or adjusting the fit of a new or inherited gun to your requirements, our approach is the same – attention to detail is everything.

Contact us to arrange a gun fitting, or to discuss any requirements you may have.